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2023 Saluting Educator (Certificated): Suzanne Merchant

2023 Saluting Educator (Certificated): Suzanne Merchant

Suzanne Merchant | Pre-School/Inclusion and Special Day Class Teacher

Rainbow Springs

Suzanne Merchant has been teaching in MVUSD for 26 years! Suzanne is a wonderful
veteran teacher who doesn’t mind taking a moment to mentor newer teachers. She
is warm and kind-hearted, and you can often catch her singing catchy tunes with her
class or encouraging her littles to “Kiss Their Brain” when they have contributed to the
classroom discussion! Suzanne holds high expectations for each of her students and
craftily differentiates lessons so her students with disabilities are able to access the
curriculum and grow to their full potential. Suzanne consistently reinforces expected
behaviors and social-emotional skills through abundant positive praise, modeling
acceptance and kindness, and recognizing students who are kind to their peers. Thank
you, Suzanne, for serving our students and families with passion and grace!

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