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Speech & Language

We provide both pull-out speech services for articulation, and push-in speech services for language enrichment and development in the classrooms.  Children receiving pull-out speech receive services based on their need, and push-in is done in each classroom once every other week.

Pull-out services focus on articulation of speech.  Articulation refers to how specific speech sounds are produced.  Preschoolers between the ages of 3 and 4 should be developing the “p”, “b”, “m”, “n”, “w”, “h”, “k”, “g”, “t”, “d”, “y” and “f”.  During pull-out speech we do activities to provide opportunities to produce the target sound of the week.  For example, we will read a story with the target sound, practice writing the target sound, do an art activity focusing on the target sound, and play a game or do a worksheet.  During all of these activities we also provide language enrichment.  We also send homework home with the children each time they come to speech.  We encourage parents to create a homework folder at home to keep assignments in so you have work to practice over long vacations.  When the students bring their homework back they receive a sticker on our homework chart, and after 5 stickers they get to take a trip to the treasure chest! This is a very exciting event for those who return their homework consistently.

The other option of services is the push-in model of speech services.  Children with limited expressive language skills, and children that are highly intelligible receive speech services in the classroom.  Both speech therapists work in the classroom with the students and teachers to provide activities for language development, and therapists are also able to monitor speech development of students.  When in the classrooms we will read a story, and then complete an activity, such as making a small book, or an art activity.  The students then bring these home and we hope they can practice and go over their work with their parents, even if they don’t receive pull out speech.

Talking with your children at home is the most important thing you can do to help their language development.  Reading stories, talking about pictures in books, pointing things out on the road while you are driving, providing language to go along with day to day activities, this will all help your child’s language development.  It is also important to provide them with models of good language, for example, if your child says “juice” expand on that and say, “oh, you want juice”, or, “yes, yummy apple juice.”

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your child’s development of speech or language please feel free to contact either speech therapist at (951)571-4710.

Special Ed. Preschool Program

3 - 5 Year olds

Preschool children may attend classes scheduled for either mornings or afternoons, depending on the child's age.  Each child has an Individual Education Plan which details goals and objectives and special services as needed.

Integrated Preschool Programming

At Rainbow Springs School the district provides a comprehensive combination of programs and resources to meet the unique needs of each individual preschool child on campus.  Each child is provided the opportunity to grow and develop to his/her fullest potential. Rainbow Springs Preschool provides an enriching experience for all of the children.


Special Ed. Infant Program

Birth - 3 Year olds

Infants will receive a combination of home visits and a center-based program depending on their age and needs.  The district uses a developmental model to address Individualized Family Service Plan goals and objectives.